The period for Exercise of Public Rights - Accounts for the Year Ended 31 March 2017.

Commences on 5th June and ends on 14th July 2017. Please see attached notice for details

14:45, 03 Jun 2017 by Tricia Lennie

For a list of meetings held by Bedford Borough Council in July click here

14:39, 22 May 2017 by Tricia Lennie

From Monday 3rd April Bedford Borough Council will be making it easier for residents to recycle by placing stocks of Orange Reycling sacks in various locations across the Borough. The trial period will last for three months.

Sacks will no longer be available for individual delivery following a telephone call or email contact with Bedford Borough Council (except for residents who receive an annual supply because their property cannot accommodate an orange bin).

As well as the central collection points of Reception, Borough Hall, Bedford; Customer Service Centre, Horne Lane, Bedford; Bedford Central Library; Putnoe Library; Wootton Library; Bromham Library and Kempston Town Library; Stevington residents will be able to collect Orange Recycling sacks from The Church Room, Church Road, Stevington during Community Shop opening hours.

Ordering new supplies of Orange Recycling sacks must now be co-ordinated via the Parish Council. Please notify the clerk on when stocks are low.


17:10, 01 Apr 2017 by Tricia Lennie

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